Welcome to RIBET LLC !

On behalf of myself, Betsy, and our team members we are excited to have you learn more about RIBET.  RIBET llc is a sole proprietorship llc formed by me, Rick Montoya as a means to facilitate a life and business venture that is mutually beneficial for all those involved with RIBET.

The name RIBET was created from RIck + BETsy.  Many years ago I made up a song about frogs, which took on a life of its own, and the frog theme began!  Creating the name RIBET was meant to be!  We had fun, with the help of a friend, on developing our frog logo. Since starting RIBET in the summer of 2008 we have changed and morphed into what we are today and know this evolution will continue for us.

Our RIBET LLC business is focused on three primary areas:

  1. Vistage Chair
  2. Consulting
  3. Plus a partner in UUO-118 dba Osteria Sfizio

Vistage International Chair -

I am really excited to have the opportunity to bring the Vistage International leadership business organization to Eugene and the Willamette Valley.  For the last 18 months I have had the opportunity to be a member of a Vistage Group.  In order to be a member at this time I had a choice of going to Bend or Portland, and I chose Portland.  I joined Vistage one month after starting my position as President of Public Safety Center (PSC) as a recommendation by my owner who had been a member in a California group.   As a seasoned senior executive, with a MBA, and a year of consulting under my belt, I thought being a President for the first time of this company would be no problem.  Thankfully, my owner knew better!  The experience at PSC was the most challenging, humbling, and wonderful experience I have had in my career.  Because of my Vistage Chair and Groups’ ability to support me AND call me out, I was able to achieve things I did not think were possible within my business.  The opportunity to share and work through business issues with 18 other CEOs, was a 10-fold return on my membership investment.  My monthly 1-2-1 with my Vistage Chair, who was skilled in helping people confront the real issues, was exactly what I needed. In addition, world class speakers were part of our monthly meetings, providing us excellent and relevant topics to help us and our businesses during this most challenging economic business environment.  During my tenure as the President of PSC I did not miss a Vistage meeting.  Even after PSC I continued my Vistage membership.  My Vistage group had become an integral part of my professional and personal life.  My Chair and group continued to assist me in my career search and my restaurant partnership.  As the President of PSC I learned how true “lonely at the top” is.  To have a highly skilled, committed,  trusted, and  successful group of business advisors to be supported by and a contributing member of…. THIS was the ultimate unbiased board!  So rewarding!
As you can see I am very passionate about my Vistage experience!  When Vistage approached me during my career search to launch a Vistage practice here in the Eugene/Willamette Valley, I looked long and hard at this incredible opportunity before I made the decision that this was for me.  I have completed the initial week training process with 25 other incredible candidates.  I am now in high gear to launch my first Vistage Group here in Eugene in May 2011.


RIBET Consulting -

My consulting business projects have been referrals from colleagues and associates.  They have tapped into both my industry experiences and professional expertise in Sales, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Business Development & Turnaround, and Senior Management.  I am currently engaged by two clients that are in two entirely different industries, sizes, years in business, and scope of work.  I enjoy these experiences of meeting and working with great business people and organizations.


Osteria Sfizio -

“Be careful what you wish for and if you don’t want it heard, then don’t say it out loud.”   Well, how else does one end up in a restaurant business?  During the course of a social gathering I made a comment that it might be fun to open a restaurant.  The next thing I know my wife Betsy is getting a call from her sister while we were working in North Carolina.  She asked when the restaurant was going to open and when could a friend of hers make a reservation.  Ha ha!  One thing led to another and I was introduced to an extremely talented and gifted Chef/Restaurateur who dreamed of his own restaurant.  Originally RIBET llc was going into the restaurant business, but instead I was fortunate enough to have my brother-in-law not only become a partner, but lead our partnership, and thus was born UUO-118 dba Osteria Sfizio.  The journey from concept, to plan, to grand opening, and to operating the restaurant has been an amazing trip. 

We would appreciate the opportunity to do business with you!


Rick Montoya,  Principal

Cell: 541.953.8424

Professional Profile

Rick Montoya is a poised leader passionate about helping others to maximize their performance and life balance.

Professional Background:


  • Chair,  Vistage International, Willamette Valley Practice. With more than 14,500 members around the world, Vistage International is the world’s leading chief executive organization, providing unparalleled access to new ideas and fresh thinking through CEO peer groups, one-on-one business coaching, expert speaker workshops and online access to best practices, industry articles and white papers.
  • Partner, UUO-118 dba Osteria Sfizio. Created a partnership to provide Eugene with a 95 seat contemporary Italian restaurant from concept to existing operating business during economic recession.
  • RIBET LLC, Management Consultant. Provide advice and expertise to small and mid-sized businesses, including family, start-up, and distressed businesses.


  • Principal, RIBET Digital. A start up e-commerce business providing product solutions for the digital life style.  Utilizing virtual relationships and partnerships to efficiently enter this highly fragmented and competitive business using a 1-2-1 marketing approach.
  • President of Public Safety Center. Led a 50-employee call center/distribution enterprise through a complete rebuilding of the company culture, management team, infrastructure, and systems.
  • Vice President of Sales and Marketing for States Industries, Inc.  Executive team member that led the strategic marketing initiative of repositioning family business from a regional commodity player to a differentiated industry leader in value added wood products resulting in double digit sales growth, national expansion, and increased market share.
  • NCR Corporation. Exceeded sales quota selling small and intermediate hospitality systems; prepared sales plans and measured to budget.


  • Master of Business Administration in general management from Northwestern University, Kellogg Graduate School of Management.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Oregon


  • Vistage Group 3193 Member
  • American Marketing Association
  • Harwood Plywood & Veneer Association, Former Board of Director


As we climb our career ladders many of us are fortunate to have strong mentors to accelerate our growth.  What happens when we get to the top? Who is our mentor? Who can you collaborate with that maintains confidentiality and security of your ideas and information while providing clarity and insight to your business life?Who can mentor us to be an exceptional Executive?

Eighteen Executives… gathering together monthly to discuss the challenges, opportunities, strategies and tactics of business.  A marketing CEO has relevant advice for your PR issues, a bank president has sound financial advice, a consumer products expert, a design expert, advertising, construction. Drawing from the community we pool resources and expertise.

You also meet monthly with the Group Chair for one-on-one discussions to concentrate on specific issues of challenge or opportunity with your business. With perspective comes insight.

Minds from the top of the field are brought in with regularity to discuss their concepts and ideas and to work with the group. The goal is to make your time more productive, more efficient and your business stronger. The more productive you are, the less time you must spend working and the more you can concentrate on your quality of life. At the end of the day our goal is to increase the quality of your life.

Vistage International is a community of over 14,000 executive leaders worldwide who come together to advise each other on the business of business.   You are part of a team of 8-16 non-competing peers from diverse backgrounds and industries each sharing experience, tools and support. Together you train, guide and mentor each other so your time is used wisely and your decisions well founded.

A new Vistage group is forming in Eugene, Oregon and serving  the Willamette Valley with anticipated launch in May 2011. Selection of C-Level candidates is under way (Owner, CEO, President, COO, etc).  We welcome your interest and application.

A Chief Executive Collaboration


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